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Our healing can now begin

Amanda T. says: An amazing experience which surpassed all our expectations. We know my brother is happy and safe and surrounded by love. We cannot speak highly enough of our reading and I wish we could see you and my brother everyday. Thank you Debbie xxx

So excited

Michelle R. says: I have been to see Debbie before, and she has been so accurate, this reading was very positive and I am so excited to see everything unfold. Debbie is very easy to talk to, and a lovely lady. I have told friends about her, and have friends who have seen her and she has been spot on with her predictions.

More than I could have hoped for

Bernadette G. says: Thank you Debbie, you are amazing. After talking with you I have feel much more accepting of the loss we have suffered and know he is with us always. so very accurate


Debbie S. says: Deb is just so easy to talk with. I ended the reading feeling calm. Positive. Happy. Clear. Wonderful!!


Melissa C. says: Debbie you blow my mind. Seeing you helped me find my own strength and gave me clarity in a challenging situation. Thankyou for giving me hope. Fingers crossed – hey?

Thank you

Rhonda W. says: Thank you so much Debbie for your accurate, insightful reading. I was amazed by your accuracy and nourished by your caring, kind attitude. I am so grateful for your ability to connect to my loved ones in Spirit World and to pass on messages from them. You have given me hope to continue my journey forward…. I look forward to future readings with you.

I finally have closure
Jade C. says: I saw Debbie to connect with my Dad in the spirit world who had passed early last year. Our relationship hadn’t been the best for a few years prior and I had been struggling to come to terms not only with his death but also with the events that unfolder both prior to and following his passing. I hadn’t seen my Dad since 2011 and he died suddenly leaving many things unsaid and unresolved for both of us. I have no doubt that Debbie made contact with my Dad. She relayed information she couldn’t have possibly had known. Everything Debbie spoke was spot on and accurate, and I know I heard my father’s words that day. Thank you Debbie. I feel like I finally have closure and can move on with only love and light in my heart now. I am excited for the future and proud of myself (it feels amazing finally hearing Dad tell me how proud he is too). I can’t thank you enough xoxoxo
Nicola O. says: I saw Debbie for a reading yesterday and straight away she knew about me and started focusing on my business which was why I was there! She described my home, my cat and even my business logo.. She was genuine and warn and easy to talk to. What amazed me was she described another cat that was in my home but was in spirit, my cat went missing 5 years ago and I teared up to know he was with me and my new one 🙂 I feel I have the guidance and direction to move forward. Thanks Debbie! X
Goosebumplingly Cool!
Carlie R. says: Unbelievable, the information Debbie told me. Hopefully all the good bits come true! My partner and family listened to my reading also and my partner was moved and very emotional after. xx
The Real Deal
Nancy D. says: I would like to thank Debbie for a wonderful, inspiring, and accurate reading. I have had readings before with other Mediums, but Debbie is really one of the very few whom I believe is genuine (a rarity), I wouldn’t leave a recommendation if I thought otherwise. I was truly pleasantly surprised with the information I received from spirit, from dear departed ones (including a treasured pet I lost recently), to everyday concerns that was on my mind. She has a true gift, and we are lucky to have someone like her. I highly recommend her.
Wow…Debbie is good !
Tony S. says: What an experience, Debbie has such a great gift and very spot on with what she says. I recommend this to anyone and I will be back and now my wife wants to do it aswell.
Lyn A. says: Very inspirational, Debbie told me things about family and friends she could not possibly have known and I am feeling very positive about the future. Thankyou Debbie.
Simply the best!
Cheryl M. says: I have had 2 readings with Debbie now and attended a couple of her workshops and they never fail to amaze me, and without fail she delivers accurate information which blows your mind. I would and do recommend a reading with Deb, to anyone needing or wanting this kind of service. Thank you once again Debbie! 🙂
Sue G. says: This was my 3rd reading/session with Deb since i have lived in Australia for over 10 years now. I must say that over my long years i have seen many ‘so called’ Medium/Psychics and i can recall only 1 other (in the UK) thatcomes close to Deb’s abilities. Yes i know this may sound crazy but as always you were 100% accurate with everything you said. Even my husband who is one of those ‘non-believers’ was astounded when i told him something relating solely to him, his response, ” how the heck did she know that, i haven’t even ever told you…that’s sooo spookey”. If anyone has any doubts in their minds about booking a session with Deb’s i can certainly vouch for her genuine authenticity, accuracy, her warmth, compassion, caring and loving nature. You have nothing to loose but everything to gain ! Thank you once again Deb you are a credit to the Universe!
Unique Goddess
Moana M. says: Thank you for connecting me with my loved ones in spirit. I must say, it was so worth the trip to sit with you in person and receive messages. You were bombarded with spirit all trying to come through at once and it never fazed you! The time went so fast and there were many things you described with accuracy. I’m sure we will meet again! Awesome experience!!!!
Caring and Professional
Ness F. says: Thank-you Debbie for your kindness and delicacy with connecting to a family member who had recently passed. There were some really special touching moments and I am very grateful for your insights and encouragement.
Sincere and so natural
Yvonne H. says: My reading/session with Deb was so accurate and helpful. It has opened my mind to believe and trust in all she said for me. She has helped me believe in the path I know I am meant to be on but had started doubting. She is so natural, so not in ego, so encouraging and one of the best mediums. Thank you so much. With Blessings.
Accurate. Amazing. Authentic
Natalie M. says: As always, Debbie’s readings are concise and correct. I don’t make a move in my professional or personal life without a check in with Deb and her team. Debbie is one of the most authentic and heartfelt people in our world, her gift to connect us with our true soul, and receive messages and guidance from the other world is second to none. What a blessing she is in my life and her readings are ALWAYS spot on!!
Concise and sincere
Marilyn M. says: Marilyn M says: Thank you Debbie for a very clear and accurate connection to my loved ones. The reading gave emotional relief, precise details of events, names and loving messages. Also confirmation of direction and insight into my future pathway. I felt relaxed by Debbie’s openness and very loving presence even though we were doing a Skype connection. I look forward to meeting with Debbie in person. Sincere gratitude to a gentle soul.
Allison B. says: Thanks so much for your lovely healing and reading last Friday Debbie. It gave me great comfort, especially havingn some clarity on some things I have been stewing over. Emotional in a great way and I look forward to a future that I wait in anticipation for. xo Much love Allison
I can’t say enough

Penny R. says: My reading with Debbie was my first experience with a psychic medium and it was so much more than I expected! It has brought me so much comfort. The things she knew were completely unknowable to anyone except me or my family and it blew my mind! She knew my father’s dog!! Hahaha! Outstanding. I have recommended her to everyone, but I think that may make it harder for me to book to see her again if all of my friends try to get in as well. Bless you, Debbie!

So true

Robert S. says: Had my reading this week. The accuracy was impeccable. Debbie confirmed my daughter’s name and age which blew my mind away. She also confirmed the rough age of when my mum passed away and of what. I am looking forward to my next reading.

Exactly the clarity I needed

Amanda T. says: Thanks so much Debbie, now I feel confident to push on with my business and make future choices knowing exactly where I will land. Fantastic x

Hit! Hit! Hit!

Judi H. says: Just want to thank Debbie for one of the most accurate and insightful readings I have ever had. So many hits on so many things. My first husband, my dad and my mum who passed away recently all came through and connected through Debbie, which was absolutely fantastic, to get the answers that I needed. I would thoroughly recommend Debbie to anyone that needs help, healing and answers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart..,……….

UNBELIVABLY ACCURATE – Amazing – Fantastic – WOW!

Chontel M. says: Firstly, a BIG thank you Debbie…. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU. My reading (3 days ago) was unbelivably accurate. I’m chocked for words to express the accuracy of my reading. My Grandmother came through my reading who passed 20 + years ago. After my readying I asked my mum who asked other family members to find out more info. Seriously I was shocked, everything that Debbie said was SPOT ON. When I mean spot on, I mean SPOT ON! It was seriously mind blowing. If you want an accurate reading and not the airfairy type ones, go see Debbie! I don’t want to wish my life away, but I can’t wait until my next reading. I’m already planning to book my husband into see Debbie.


Kim S. says: Some of my friends had been for a reading with Debbie and had spoken in glowing terms of her ability and accuracy. I was a little sceptical and nervous before meeting her, but as soon as she started speaking in her lovely gentle manner, I knew they were right. Debbie’s insight was amazing and I was blown away with how she knew in detail what I was doing in my life and how I felt about it. Her guidance and reassurance was invaluable and I am now looking forward to a very positive future. Thanks Debbie.

Beautifully Amazing

Tanya J. says: My husband passed away a month ago and Debbie (via phone reading) brought him through and told me things that no one else knew. It was very emotional for me, yet made me feel so much stronger because she validated many things that were spot on. Next time I will book a face to face reading when I visit the Gold Coast. Thanks Debbie, you were amazing. XX


Sally O. says: Debbie, you told me things that I had completely forgotten about. You helped me to believe in my own intuition and knowing that I am on the right path. You connected with my dad, who passed away just 8 months ago and I felt as though he was there in the room with us. Your manner is calm, supportive and peaceful. I will definitely come back.



A Sense of Calm…

Christine E. says: I had two postponements so was very keyed up to see Debbie by the time I got there. I have this sense of calm now. She connected with my late husband and confirmed things that only he could know from being around me in the house. It left me with a sense of calm that his spirit is supporting what I am doing now. If I only tap into half of what she says is out there for me, I will be a very soul. Christine E

Mind blowing and how is it possible
Ron L. says: I saw Debbie , a couple of weeks ago , through the sitting i constantly had goosebumps with the things that she had come up with , knowing things from the past that even I had forgotten and things that were so detailed I thought to my self how could this be . I was a person who was curious but did not fully believed this could be possible , thank you Debbie for your time and this wounderful experience

So Real So True Goose bumps Goose bumps Goose bumps

Barbara W. says: My heart felt thanks to you Debbie for such an amazing reading – my first, definately not my last. I left the reading with tears in my eyes of joy and thankfullness. I will never forget this reading. My heart is stronger, my visions clear, my future goals obtainable. On the first night of this reading one of the events that Debbie had told me about, manifested. I still get goose bumps recalling this event. Highy Highly Highly recommend a visit to Debbie, I have not felt so positive and grounded for such a long time. My thought questions were answered without my speaking them. Very impressive, very real, very true. Once again, sincere thanks Debbie.

Simply incredible………..

Rod C. says: I had a mediumship reading with Debbie on Feb 26th. Debbie did not know anything about me before the reading. The references to family both of this earth and who have passed, were accurate and correct. The relevations Debbie provided enable me to move forward with my life with a degree of certainty and confidence. This lady has an incredible gift and is the real deal.

Spot on !

Cecilie M. says: I saw Debbie yesterday and it was an incredible experience! I needed guidance and direction and a sense of reassurance that I’m doing the right things in life. Debbie gave me this and I’m now so so happy and optimistic about my future and I cannot wait for what’s ahead! I’m definitely going to see Debbie again and I will recommend her to anyone looking for direction and guidance or contact with passed loved ones.

Spot on !

Cecilie M. says: I saw Debbie yesterday and it was an incredible experience! I needed guidance and direction and a sense of reassurance that I’m doing the right things in life. Debbie gave me this and I’m now so so happy and optimistic about my future and I cannot wait for what’s ahead! I’m definitely going to see Debbie again and I will recommend her to anyone looking for direction and guidance or contact with passed loved ones.

Peace of Mind

Elaine M. says: I have been seeing Debbie yearly for the past 7 years and have always found her to be totally accurate. My last reading on the 9th January totally blew my mind and has left me feeling at peace, obviously the hurt and pain I am going through right now is still as strong but I feel some has lifted with the acknowledgements she gave me. Thank you so much for your truly amazing gift Debbie x

A Journey through the years. Awesomeness

Erin P. says: I have been having readings with Deb for over 5 years now and she is amazing, easy to converse with and has been a light for me during both joy and hardships when I just needed guidance. She is accurate and spot on with key events that have happened in my life. Debbie is also easily able to connect to my departed loved ones-which I am always in awe of-to have that gift of communication is amazing.I would recommend Debbie to anyone that is seeking a wonderful medium/angel on Earth.


Debi C. says: I saw Debbie a few years ago to which i had a fabulous reading. I recently moved to Perth and have been so distrought after my beautiful little cat went missing. After doing all i could to physically find her, i called Debbie for some guidance. She went above and beyond her means to help me try to locate her, After discribing my little ‘Kosha’ to a tee,she let me know she was not in the spirit world and has been taken in by someone and is being cared for, although not giving up my search i feel a little more at peace knowing she is going to be ok,hopefully until we are reunited 🙂 Debbie is a caring beautiful person.who went out of her way to help me..Thankyou with all my (broken) heart and i hope to let you know one day i have her back for cuddles xxxx

Incredibly Accurate!

Leiza C. says: Had a another phone reading this week after many months and Debbie never ceases to amaze me with her accuracy and insight, I highly recommend her. When your searching for insight or feedback on different areas of your life, she is the girl. Thank you Debbie, we are so grateful to have you to call on.

Just perfect

Jade F. says: I had a mediumship reading with debbie hoping that my mum would come through, it was amazing felt as though my mum was right there with me 🙂 was an amazing feeling :)))

Such a Gentle Soul

Julie M. says: I am in Awe of Debbie. I have attended a couple of Red Tent nights, but nothing prepared me for what Deb brought through, in my 60 min reading. So ‘spot on ‘ with lots of Family members. I need to step out of my comfort zone, to follow my life path…I am now Jumping, not Stepping! Debbie truly is an Earth Angel ~♡~

She is the BEST!

Faith B. says: Deb gave me so much insight in to all aspects of my life and my boys lives. I see a great future because of her reading. Her gentle and thoughtful manner makes every moment with her special. Thank you beautiful lady, xx

Stuart M. says: A genuine person with a real gift, I enjoyed my reading and was surprised how quick Debbie started picking things out of my life. Where I was rudderless I now have direction.

Debbie is a must see !!

Emma C. says: I came away from my session with Debbie, and had a whole new outlook on MY life…….realised I am on the right track and confirmed what I need to do, and why I am here! I have more questions, so will definitely be going back! I decided to open a business which I have toyed with the idea for years, and this gave me the motivation or flicked a switch…………so very worth it! Thankyou Debbie!

Jan W. says: The reading was only 2 days prior to writing this review and already proving accurate. It was very moving and wonderful. I would recommend Debbie to anyone thinking of seeing someone with her gift. Thank you.


Renee O. says: I would like to Thank-you Debbie for another amazing reading , as always you are accurate , you deliver readings in a way that helps put people at ease. If you are looking for guidance in any area please get in contact with Debbie for a reading you will be glad you did.

Thanks so much for sending those through they are amazing! Not too sure if you realise how wonderful you are to be able to connect people to their loved ones who have passed away and I’m sure you are thanked a million times a day – but thank you again!!!…………….Thank you and your wonderful gift so very much!

Hi Debbie,

I enjoyed meeting you and experiencing your wonderful ability!  I’m sure you’ve heard it before, however your accuracy stunned me! I’m not one that processes quickly so I just wanted to let you know, it was quite an experience for me, and thank you!……………………….

OMG!  Visited Deb this week for a reading and was totally blown away. I knew she was good but she really is on fire. I was concerned that I would forget what I wanted to ask her (I didn’t need to worry about that as she covered every area of my life). What a beautiful gifted lady. I walked away feeling so much lighter, she basically confirmed all of my concerns and I look forward to a great Xmas and New Years and can’t wait for 2013 ♥

Thanks Deb – I don’t know what it is but when I talk to u it really brings me peace and I really thank you for that! You really saved me last year and brought me back from a terrible place and helped make me strong again – I will always be grateful for that.  I just can’t tell you how much of what you have said to me has happened . That alone has given me courage! Xxxx………SB, Sunshine Coast

“Hi Deb,

It is with so much love and gratitude that I want to thank you for your demonstration a few weeks ago. Every day I have struggled since I lost my beautiful son, but on each occasion that I have heard him come through in a reading, it provides me with enough hope to keep going. I have struggled to find reasons to live since losing my darling Josh, even though I have three children, losing Josh just crashed my world around me.

When you sat and waited for everyone to take the seats and said you would just see if there were any loved ones in Spirit waiting to see us and you said there was a boy with his shirt off, I knew it was Josh. When you said he had a good build I had no doubt it was him. He loved getting around with his shirt off and had just taken his shirt off prior to that horrific fall. And I knew he would come through first, as I just so needed him so much. I was losing hope…fast!

You were so spot on with details of where Josh was working, at Disney in Orlando as a LifeGuard, about his dog, his siblings, his love of music and dancing and about my partner, how were you to know the man beside was my partner and not my husband. When we were getting in the car to go to the evening demonstration, I said to my partner that if Josh did come through tonight he would want to thank Stacey for standing by me and helping me through that past year, cause that’s the kind of boy Josh is. Stacey was amazed when you passed on Josh’s thanks for exactly that. You were also able to tell us exactly what happened on the night that changed our worlds forever when we woke to the screams and found that Josh had slipped and fallen.

I will never understand why this happened to Josh, but you have helped me so much Deb. I just wish that all grieving mothers had the opportunity to see such gifted people like you and even more that they believe their children still live on another plain.

As soon as I am back working again I will be a regular at your workshops and learning how to connect with my son in spirit. I miss him so much, but in the meantime I will be there whenever I can supporting you and bringing along my friends who have seen me light up when I talk about my experience. And they know I haven;t gone crackers, as my partner is an Inspector in the police force and is very analytical. He said he could find no doubt that night, that it was Josh and was amazed by the other readings.

You have such an amazing gift Deb, that will help the mothers like me who struggle to take each breath after losing a child.

Thank you again Deb, you are so very special and can’t begin to know how much you have helped me to keep breathing and keep going. I am so grateful that you share your gift.

My sincerest thanks and hugs

Jo Oliveri

Hi Debbie saw you on stage with Lisa Williams you were amazing well done we are going again tomorrow look forward to see your great work again xx……….SW Gold Coast, Aust


Thank you! you were amazing on stage I will never forget the coffin reading hope to meet you again one day!……………………..MH,……….. L.A. USA


Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes Is a real professional in this field. You wouldn’t know it as she is so very humble. What an experience hearing her deliverance of message, she is an angel on earth ♥…………………….DS,  NSW Aust 

Thanks so much for sending those through they are amazing! Not too sure if you realise how wonderful you are to be able to connect people to their loved ones who have passed away and I’m sure you

“After recently attended “Finding the keys to your Soul Psychic Development Course” with Universal LifePsycle I never realized how incredibly important a course like this would be for my life.  The magnitude of information my heart is now receiving has been overwhelming.  The course developed my Psychic abilities and I enabled me to developed strategies for coping with life’s everyday stresses through meditation and relaxation.  The course facilitators provided accurate and professional information.  I can’t recommend the course more highly, they were wonderful!”  …………………………………….Marianne, ACT


“My name is Catherine and I have seen Deb Bozicevic many times for psychic readings and each time she has been correct with identifying my deep inner thoughts, and concerns.  Deb also has had contact with family members that have passed and identified all of them correctly.  She has revealed situations and things that only my family & I know.  Deb has a truly amazing gift & I thank her for all her assistance and guidance she had provided me over the past year.  I will continue to see Deb for readings as she makes you feel very comfortable.” …………………………………………Catherine Hug, Gold Coast


“Debbie did a reading for me tonight & it was amazing.  She told me details about my husband’s aunt & uncle – names/clothes/pets etc that were exact.  A wonderful experience – Thank-you!” …………………………………….22/08/02   R.B.


“I’ve had several readings done with Debbie – “Boy is she special” – A natural! Debbie is always comforting in her approach to readings and spot on in her ability to get messages across.  Debbie always explains things even if she doesn’t understand them herself.  I’m glad Debbie is a special friend of mine and would gladly recommend her to anyone. ………………………………………..1/10/02 Melanie Pyle   Vic


“Debbie helped me gain clarity about the emptiness I have been questioning in myself.  To learn that my father is at peace & always at my side gives me great strength.  Thank you so much! ……………………………….14/11/02  Debbie Perch Vic


“Debbie is just brilliant!  She helped me with issues I had with my Dad.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Thank you so much Debbie.” ………………………………………16/04/03  Deb Matricardi  Vic


“I have had many encounters with Deb & her ‘gift’.  I found her readings to be extremely accurate.  Her warm personality put me completely at ease & the information that Deb passed on was such that there was no way she could have known previously.  I also own a local business & have sent many of my customers to see Deb.  I highly recommend Deb on all levels!  They, as I am, are totally amazed!!” ……………………………………..Paula Bradsworth, Inverloch Vic


“I just listened to my reading and all I can say is WOW.  you were spot on with so many different things.  I found myself listening, smiling to myself and nodding my head all the way through it…………………………………….Thanking you once again, you truly are a gifted woman.”………………………….Paula, Email client VIC


Dear Debbie, I just finished my phone reading with you and I honestly couldnt thank you enough for the reading you gave me.  To contact my Dad and bring me comfort during this time, its just amazing!  You have a wonderful gift and I really appreciae you sharing that with me.  Words can not express how right you were.  You knew so much, and were able to tell me things only he would know.  It was so re-assuring that you were able to tell me what you did, and being so accurate is just amazing.  I couldnt recommend you highly enough!………………………………………….Robyn, Phone reading – NSW


“Debbie, you are so right about so many things you’ve told me……………..Well Debbie, thank you so much for your reading, I have listened to it a number of times now and I keep finding things to think about when I do.  I am very grateful that I found your site and for your insight……………….Kind Regards, Robyn – Email Client NSW


“Thanks so much Deb!  It was the most inspiring and most informative reading I think I’ve ever had.  You hit the nail on the head!………………….Jamie email client Preston VIC


“Very accurate;  the best reading I have ever payed for!…………….email client


Fantastic reading!  Spot on!  Spot on!  Spot on!……………………..email client


Fantastic!  Excellent and absoloutely beautiful!!!!   Highly recommended………………………email client


Impressive, she also has a very lovely voice – Thank you so much for the reading……………….email client – London


Thank you for a truly spot on reading!  Thoroughly recommended……………………email client – England


Very uncanny the things you picked up on about me!  Thank you for the insight!……………………email client – Nth QLD


Gave details she could’nt have known.  Im astounded!…………………………….email client USA


An amazing reading!  Very accurate and helpful!  Bright Blessings!……………………email client


Extremely accurate reading!  Thanks Deb!………………………………..email client


Extraordinary lady, very grateful to have had a reading done by her………………………………….email client


WOW!!  Very accurate, one of the best I have ever seen!! Highly recommended!……………………………email client


Deb, thank you so much! You are so wonderful person and very accurate!………………………………………email client


Wonderful reading by a warm and lovely person – highly recommended!…………………………………email client


WOW!  Wonderfully healing and spot on reading!  Very caring and helpful…………………………………email client


Thank you so much you were spot on about everything!  Very recommended. Thank You!………………………….email client


Amazingly accurate 100%  Highly recomended!…………………………….email client


OMG!  Divine!  100% accurate adn I’m honoured that you shared you gift with me!………………………………email client


Told Deb nothing and she blew me away  BRILLIANT!…………………………………..email client


Strongly recommended, extremely accurate with no prompts given at all…………………………………………email client


Thank you for a wonderful reading Deb, spot on!  I recommend you to everyone!………………………………….email client


“Debbie gave me a psychic reading in September 2001.  I had not meet her before this date & we have no mutual friends, therefore she did not know any family, personal history or information about me.  I found her reading most detailed and accurate.  Debbie provided specific information about my deceased father-in-law and family pet, which only my husband and myself would know.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking psychic information…………………Sandra SA – 4-10-01


“Debra did a reading for both my husband and myself sometime ago.  She was amazingly accurate and some of the things revealed to us were astonishingly so precise.  One of the surprises was that she was able to read about my relatives who live thousands of miles apart in another country with great accuracy.  She was able to reveal things only members o fthe family knew and understood.  With such a record and her generous and gentle nature to help others, I would strongly recomend her to anyone who wants a reading.”…………………………………………….Lilly,  Melbourne  VIC


“Debbie helped me gain clarity about the emptiness I have been questioning in myself!  To learn that my father is at peace and always at my side give me great strength!  Thank you so much!……………………………….Debbie – Keynton – VIC


“I am writing this letter as a testament of my satisfaction with Debbie Bozicevic’s reading.


I visited Debbie in April 2003 for an hour-long reading and was moe than impressed with her abilities.  I have also had follow up conversations with her over the phone and have been just as happy as when I saw her for my initial reading.

She had the amazing ability to account my past actions and personal affairs and also the amazing ability to communicate with family members who have passed on.  Her perception, insight and attention to detail leave you with absolutely no doubt in your mind as the athenticity of her brilliant gift.  After spending time with Debbie I felt a wonderful sense of peace.  Knowing that you have just communicated with your loved ones left me overwhelmed with emotion and the happiness in knowing what some of the future could hold puts a real spring in your step.

I have recommended Debbie to friends and trust in her abilities 100%.  I would like to take this opportunity to comment on how lovely Debbie is during the reading.  She is reassuring, makes you very comfortable and is very understanding in relation to your reactions to the information at hand……………….Jacqueline – VIC