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Reiki Healing Treatment

June 15, 2011 Healings Reiki Healing 0

Reiki is a Japanese word that literally translates as Universal Life Force Energy.  It is an ancient and very simple form of energy healing, during which the Energy passes through the therapist to the recipient.  This knowledge was rediscovered in the latter part of the 19th century by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui.  … Read more


“Awakening The Goddess Within” Retreat With Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes

June 15, 2011 "Awaken The Goddess Within" Retreat Retreats 0

Spiritual & Psychic Weekend Retreat Friday 6th, Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th April 2012 Enjoy a weekend in the Magical surroundings of Universal Cottage On The Sunshine Coast, Qld Great Food! Great People! Numbers kept to 7 people – more if sharing rooms. Experience all we have to offer! Get some friends together, or come &… Read more


Grant Mewes

June 10, 2011 Grant Mewes Healings 0

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A Full Psychic & Energy Consultation In Person With Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes

May 31, 2011 A Full Psychic/Medium & Energy Consultation In Person Healings Readings 0

Enjoy the FULL PSYCHIC EXPERIENCE!!   This amazing session will take your breath away, leave you renewed, refreshed, empowered & amazed!!   Your full session will commence with your initial Aura Photo being taken & reviewed, this will point out any areas of health, emotion, or sprituality that need attention!   You will then have… Read more