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Harmonic Healing

May 31, 2011 Harmonic Healing Healings 0

Harmonic Healing is a transformational healing journey to the deepest part within using pure resonant sound. During a Harmonic Healing session, energy chimes tuned to special frequencies are placed on your body and played in intuitive combinations, with large Tibetan bowls placed at your head and feet serving to ground the process. The tones bathe… Read more


A Full Psychic & Energy Consultation In Person With Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes

May 31, 2011 A Full Psychic/Medium & Energy Consultation In Person Healings Readings 0

Enjoy the FULL PSYCHIC EXPERIENCE!!   This amazing session will take your breath away, leave you renewed, refreshed, empowered & amazed!!   Your full session will commence with your initial Aura Photo being taken & reviewed, this will point out any areas of health, emotion, or sprituality that need attention!   You will then have… Read more