July 3, 2011 "The Reluctant Psychic" Self Hypnosis To Increase Psychic Ability 0

This is a Self Hypnosis recording that Debbie recorded for herself to overcome her reluctance to perform her Psychic Readings, you will also hear a reference to a book during this self hypnosis recording, and as you can see this has eventuated as well.



Debbie has given you access to this hypnosis recording to help increase your ability to do readings if you wish as well and stop any subconscious fears you may have regarding this work as well.



 Hypnosis is a state of ‘enhanced’ awareness or suggestibility where the mind is totally focused or centred on one activity or idea to the exclusion of everything else including sensory perceptions that are unwanted or distracting from the point of focus.



During this you will be in a hyper aware state where you will still hear the noises around you, you will not be asleep!  This is also best listened to with headphones on in a very comfortable environment.  Daily use will dramatically increase your own psychic development.



Sit Back Relax And Enjoy!!

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