Mediumship Readings

Mediumship ReadingsA Mediumship Reading with Debbie allows you to once again have contact with your loved ones who have passed into the Spirit world. True Mediumship is the contact with loved ones on the other side. The objective of Mediumship is to provide evidence that their soul survives in the Spirit world, and it confirms that our loved ones who have gone before us now reside on the other side and continue to still be aware and involved in our lives today.

Debbie’s mediumship has been recognised and acknowledged by some of the best mediums around the world!  Debbie dedicates time to travelling and studying with the best in this industry, her commitment to study and advancing her abilities show in the quality and connection you recieve during a mediumship reading with Debbie.

Your Mediumship reading will be recorded so you can have the pleasure of listening to it at your leisure.

Cost: Mediumship Readings $198.00

If you would like to book and pay via credit card over the phone or direct deposit call 0421351406 or you can also email us by clicking here

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“Debbie did a reading for me tonight & it was amazing. She told me details about my husband’s aunt & uncle – names/clothes/pets etc that were exact. A wonderful experience – Thank-you!” …………………………………….22/08/02 R.B.

Dear Debbie, I just finished my phone reading with you and I honestly couldnt thank you enough for the reading you gave me. To contact my Dad and bring me comfort during this time, its just amazing! You have a wonderful gift and I really appreciae you sharing that with me. Words can not express how right you were. You knew so much, and were able to tell me things only he would know. It was so re-assuring that you were able to tell me what you did, and being so accurate is just amazing. I couldnt recommend you highly enough!………………………………………….Robyn, Phone reading – NSW


“Debbie gave me a psychic reading in September 2001. I had not meet her before this date & we have no mutual friends, therefore she did not know any family, personal history or information about me. I found her reading most detailed and accurate. Debbie provided specific information about my deceased father-in-law and family pet, which only my husband and myself would know. I would recommend her to anyone seeking psychic information…………………Sandra SA – 4-10-01