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Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes


Debbie’s comitment to her work is evident in the quality of readings and consultations she provides.  Debbie has been working professionally as a psychic and a medium for 15 years and has trained and worked alongside some of the best mediums around the world!

Debbie is constantly training and furthering her gift

If you are looking for an accurate look into your life, life purpose, future potential and other events Debbie provides a full psychic reading via skype, phone or in person.

If you are longing to connect with friends and family who have passed over Debbie can also provide this connection for you , one that will leave you with no doubt in your mind that your loved one has crossed the veil to communicate with you.  Debbie will give validating evidence about them, their life, and provide information from them that only you and close family will know about.


Debbie & Mavis Pittilla an evening of mediumship

All readings are booked out in hour time slots, given the nature of the way psychic information flows and the individual connection with each client, everything will be given and later into the reading clients will have the opportunity to ask questions.  Readings are only ended when the client is asked if there is anything that has not been covered they wish to know about.  This may be after 30-40 or 50 minutes into the session.  You are paying for a complete reading not necessarily an hour of talking.


Debbie & John Edwards

If you find you are experiencing blocks to the flow of abundance in your life then a session with Debbie on ‘Clearing Your Blocks to Abundance’ is what you will need.


Debbie & Lisa Williams






Debbie & Tony Stockwell


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