June 10, 2011 Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes Psychic Webinars 0

Free Developing Intuition Webinar

From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Favorite Place

Now from the comfort of your own home or your favourite place, you can participate in our psychic webinar sessions.

Upon registration for a webinar you will be sent an email and a link to click on at the organised time, you will also be able to participate by asking questions during the allocated question time in the webinar.

You can participate during the webinar by typing your question or asking the question directly if you have access to a microphone on your computer.  You will hear your Webinar host speaking directly to you via your computers speakers in real time, just as if you were on a personal call with them.

Psychic Webinars will be conducted on a variety of  psychic subjects including:


  • Developing Intuition
  • Connecting with Guides and Angels
  • Mediumship
  • Psychic Protection Techniques
  • Numerology


Stay tuned to this page for the details of the next Psychic Webinar