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Opening The Third Eye Crystal Essence Spray

A unique vibrational elixir embracing the crystalline energy of Lapis Lazuli & Azurite.  This vibrational spray elixir is also further enhanced by the essential oils of Pine, Cinnamon & Clove Bud. The Lapis in this essence opens the third eye, stimulates, enlightenment & enhances dream work & psychic abilities.  It facilitates contact with spiritual guardians.  The Azurite guides psychic & intuitive  development.  It cleanses & stimulates the Third Eye & attunes one to spiritual guidance.  Together this is a powerful essence to Opening The Third Eye and psychic development.



Lapiz Lazuli

The Process

The Alchemical process of extracting the healing vibrations of the crystals into liquid form takes many days and uses elements of crystal structure, earth energy grids, full moon energy and solar energy and also a process using pure sound vibration to activate the vibrational structure of the water. The water used in this process is obtained  from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and is pure rainwater, with it’s crystalline structure activated and positively enhanced via methods discovered by Dr Masuri Emoto. At no time during the process is the elixir touched by human hands or affected by any vibration other than pure loving intention.


The holistic nature of the remedy allows the crystal to impart it’s energy and vibration either directly into your system or auric fields depending on the vibrational remedy you choose.


These unique vibrational elixirs dissolve negative emotions expelled from thoughts, feelings and words by misting around the head and body. You can use these elixirs on children and pets…mist in doorways, in workshops, clients, reception areas and even plants.

Cost: $30 for 50ml Spray (incl GST)

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