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Mentoring Programs with Debbie B-Mewes

All mentoring hosted and supported by the Australian Academy of Spirit.  AAS_logo design_Recognized Training Provider

In any field to grow and develop a good mentor is essential!  I myself have a mentor.  I work closely with the great Mavis Pittilla, a legend in the field of Mediumship and Mavis herself was mentored by the late Gordon Higginson.  So the line of strong teaching values passes onto you.

A good mentor must also have the ability to walk the walk, and be someone that has also overcome every hurdle you might find yourself encountering in your development. In the 18 years of my career, I can certainly say I have overcome some and still working on the others, so my frame of reference for where you are at during your development at all times is clear to me.  A good mentor should also still be out in the public eye working and demonstrating their ability, so you and everyone else can see they can do the work they are supporting you to do.

I personally have found mentoring so valuable in my progression forward and know you too will grow in leaps and bounds with the correct mentoring.

I have been running weekly mentoring classes here at Universal Cottage for a few years now and have the same students continuing on that journey.  I have watched shy people unaware of their potential blossom into some of the most amazing an accurate mediums today.

If you would like the opportunity to be mentored by myself there are a few mentoring programs I offer.  Two of them require you to be able to come to Universal Cottage on a weekly basis the other is an on-line mentoring program I have developed.

The personal on-line mentoring program with Debbie

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People will often wonder how Mediumship can be mentored or taught on line, I myself have had the extreme pleasure of working with a mentor who lives in the UK and travels all over the world working, so a lot of my own mentoring has been on-line, via Skype, by video recording my work for assessment, etc.  So I know this can be done and work well in developing your Mediumship.  I have added the extra component to the on-line mentoring that the student has access to attend two ‘Mastering Mediumship’ courses here at Universal Cottage for free so they can gain experience and work with others on the program.  Here is what you get in the 12 Month On-Line Mentoring Program with Debbie B-Mewes. (PS you can take longer if you like)

1)      Password protected access to the web page with all your work, notes & presentations, videos both significant videos for the topics and videos of lectures by Debbie, assignments to complete and send to Debbie for marking etc for the months topics, recordings of meditations or processes to advance your development.  Each month you will be given access to the next page and stage of development. The equal to the mentoring program at Universal Cottage at $50 per week 40 weeks, valued at $2000

2)     Automatic entry to the ‘Mastering Mediumship’ weekend workshops here at Universal Cottage these are run twice a year.  This will greatly enhance your practical skills and give you the opportunity to work with a variety of other students  valued at $497.00

3)     Membership to the Australian Academy of Spirit (AAS) and therefore giving you all the benefits provided:  valued at $97

  •  Access to Insurance package for members, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity for this particular field of work.

  • Logos and certificates to identify you as a member and a recognised medium of good quality.

  • The exclusive ability to stay at Universal Cottage for minimal charge during any training event only open to AAS members.

  • The exclusive ability to access the spiritual library of the AAS at Universal Cottage, containing a vast array of spiritual books both new and rare.

  • The ability to work your way up through the levels of the AAS via recognised training and obtain the award seals and logos to display on your own website and advertising materials.

  • $50 off all workshops and courses.

  • $200 off the Uluru Mediumship Symposium 2017.​

4)     A monthly Zoom meeting with Debbie to discuss your development.  valued at 1,200

5)   Also the option to join the mentoring in class via a Zoom link up to listen to extra tutorials and interact with those attending mentoring at Universal Cottage.  This feature is optional but a great opportunity to gain more teachings and listen in on new lectures.   valued at $2,000

Total value of the program $5,794

For those committed to development the price is only $997 +gst

On-Line Mediumship Mentoring Modules and Classes

Designed for those students of Mediumship to extend their current capacity for Spirit Communication.

These modules will be presented each month and will cover all areas in Mediumship.   Personal attention to those areas you feel you need extra help or experience in will be provided.  Additional information may be added to your program.

Some topics covered

  • Different types of Mediumship
  • the difference between Psychic & Mediumship
  • The way the Spirit World communicate
  • Knowing yourself as the spirit communicator.
  • The Soul of the Medium
  • Responsibility and Respect
  • Ethics and AAS Code of Conduct
  • The Power
  • Staying in the Power
  • Surrender or Ego
  • Techniques to enhance your ability to connect, and strengthen the link.
  • The Mechanics of Mediumship
  • Making Contact
  • Shifts in your energy and auric field
  • Building your ‘frame of reference’
  • Private sittings
  • What is good evidence
  • Working from your mind or spirit
  • Technical techniques to better evidence
  • Spiritual Pioneers
  • Learning from the past
  • Philosophy of Spiritualism
  • 7 Principles
  • Working with your spirit team
  • Enlisting the help and guidance of your guide
  • Blending and Becoming one with the spirit.
  • Surrender, the art of allowing evidence.
  • Striving for better evidence.
  • Working with the public
  • Dispelling fear and myths
  • Trance techniques, mesmeric passes, spirit induced trance etc
  • Physical Mediumship, table tipping, EVP, Planchette etc
  • Inspired speaking
  • Confidence and presentation,
  • Platform perfection
  • Do’s and Dont’s
  • The Address

If you are interested in the on-line mentoring program with Debbie B-Mewes you can book your place here, limited numbers available.

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Program re-opening soon!

Email us at to be placed on the list of students to notify when the program is re-launched.