Mastering Mediumship Course

Mastering Mediumship

Beginners to intermediate class

Sat 26th & Sun 27th Nov 2016


to heaven


This is your opportunity to get the best foundation in Mediumship around. Learn from Debbie B-Mewes in an intimate setting where you will be given all the guidance and encouragement needed to allow your Mediumship ability to unfold. Learn in a manner that the great mediums of our time have been trained with good strong foundations and with someone with a dedicated passion to teaching Mediumship the correct way.


  • Learn the mechanics of Mediumship, what does it mean ‘to look into the other world’ and how can you do it.
  • learn to work from the soul and a more blended state then a more mental process.
  • Learn to get those unique pieces of information that convince your sitter you have their loved one.
  • Lean what it is about you that makes you the medium you are.
  • Learn to recognise when you are working in a psychic or mediumistic state, and how to change between the two states.
  • Learn techniques to quieten that ego mind, and gain confidence in your work.

open door

Step into a world of connection and communication with the ‘other side’

if you are serious about unfolding your Mediumship the correct way this course is a great foundation to build upon.

Held at Universal Cottage Spiritual Sanctuary, where great mediums have visited and trained, the energy within this building is the power you can draw upon in your training.

Sat 18th & Sun 19th June 2016

Two days training, inc morning and afternoon tea and a fully catered lunch each day………………………………….$497 +gst

If you require accommodation we can arrange it at Universal Cottage for you at an extra $50 per night or at a venue close by at $65 per night and we will run a shuttle back and forth to the workshop. Just let us know and we can arrange your accommodation.

10am – 5pm each day