Helen DaVita Workshops and Demonstration

In October we are lucky to have with us here at the AAS Helen DaVita from the UK

Helen will be conducting 3 workshops while here.


“I teach all facets of Mediumship, Sound Therapy, Healing and Animal Communication at home and abroad and I love demonstrating and teaching my subjects too. My students are from all over the world and it is a joy that so many, from different cultures and religious backgrounds, all come together in recognition that they are all ‘of the Spirit’

I am also Tutor and Course Organiser of the Arthur Findlay College

Many Mediums will tell you that they were aware of the ‘Spirit World’ from an early age. I am one of those Mediums too. However, I really came to be working fully with ‘Spirit’ as an adult and now my life is to help others who have this knowledge, to develop it further and also to offer healing, through Spirit, colour & sound and I’m also an animal communicator. ”

I love teaching and conducting consultations and I believe the key to success in this area is to approach it all with:

  • Compassion
  • Humility
  • Love
  • Dedication
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Common Sense

My specialist areas of teaching include:

  • Healing
  • Trance Mediumship Development
  • Sound Healing
  • Physical Mediumship Development
  • Séance Work
  • Mediumship Development (Psychic & Evidential)
  • Public Speaking
  • Working with Colour & Sound
  • Animal Communication
  • Animal Healing
  • Philosophy


Physical Mediumship & Experimental Trance with Helen DaVita

Thursday 20th October & Friday 21st October 2016



cabinet in seance room

 Physical Mediumship & Experimental Trance

This course will allow the student to experience deeper levels of trance and learn aspects of physical Mediumship, the history, ethics and specific techniques. This course will also give the student an idea of where their particular trance ability lies, transfiguration, communication, physical mediumship etc.

Physical mediumship involves a form of phenomena whereby external spirit entities manipulate the energies and substances of a medium, whether it is man or woman, to form physical manifestations such as spirit bodies that in human form or voice boxes where a spirit can speak directly from their world to ours.

The spirit communicators provide an interface of communication between our world on earth and their worlds known as spirit world.

Other physical phenomena that can be produced are physical smells, hot or cold drafts, levitation, apportation of objects from mid air, transfiguration, spirit lights, raps or knocks, direct voice communication, and physical apparitions.

The perfect course for anyone interested in physical Mediumship or trance to an advanced level, and looking to further develop their ability.




Blue-Babe our gorgeous giant draft horse


Animal Communication & Healing 2 day course with Helen DaVita



We are lucky here at Universal Cottage to be in the position of providing tuition in Animal communication and healing by both Debbie B-Mewes and visiting specialists in this field.

Being set on 1 & 1/2 acres in the Hinterland and being positioned close to Australia Zoo gives us access to many and various animals with which to work with during the course.

ooops sprung

Jack the resident Curly Coated Retriever

Universal Cottage is home to a menagerie of domestic animals including dogs, chickens, birds and horses.

While working here at Universal Cottage you will have access to all the animals and their stories.


Visiting Animal Communication Specialist Helen DaVita.

This 4 day diploma course will allow participants to take their skills to a professional level for working with the public and teaching others the animal communication skills.

animal flyer

What is Animal Communication?

Animals are sentient beings, just like us. As we all know, they have individual personalities. They need care, food, love, compassion, exercise, friendship and fun – pretty much like us really! They like and dislike with varying intensity and have fears & phobias like many of us. Just like us, their behavior can be challenging, if their needs are not met or understood, or something traumatic has occurred. Just like us, animals need to be heard. Animal Communication is all about listening to our animals – which is achieved through our senses.

How does it work?

Animal Communication is mind – to – mind communication – in other words, a form of telepathy and uses our ‘senses’ to achieve results.

There are times when we often sense something, which turns out to be true. Times when we pick up the phone and know who is calling before we speak and times when despite great distances, we are aware of something being ‘wrong’ with someone we care about. These are senses ‘at play’, which we normally have no conscious control over.

By consciously harnessing, developing and utilizing these senses, the Animal Communicator can reach an emotionally energetic level with an animal. Through an exchange of sensory information such as emotions, pictures, sounds and smells – even taste sensations, the animal may communicate with the mind of the Animal Communicator.

Join International Communicator Helen DaVita for these life changing and enriching courses.


where does it hurt


Helen DaVita and Blue-Babe

In October 2016 we will have visiting medium and Animal communicator Helen DaVita from England. Helen will be providing training in the Animal Communication & healing 2 day intensive .

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Healing Intensive Day with Helen DaVita



Intensive Healing

Healing course

Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th October 2016

10AM – 5PM

This course is dedicated to all who wish to further their Healing abilities and create real change for health on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. We will be delving into the finer mechanics of Spiritual healing and creating the ideal conditions for Healing both those present and those absent. We will be focussing on all the different aspects in common with the Great Healers of the past and present and also working with The Spirit Guides who are dedicated to healing. This is beautiful work, it is sacred and works! I have been healing for over 30 years and my healing work, explorations of cultures and techniques, research and evidence show that we can truly make a positive difference! The results are phenomenal!