May 31, 2011 Harmonic Healing Healings 0

Harmonic Healing is a transformational healing journey to the deepest part within using pure resonant sound.

During a Harmonic Healing session, energy chimes tuned to special frequencies are placed on your body and played in intuitive combinations, with large Tibetan bowls placed at your head and feet serving to ground the process.

The tones bathe you in a cocoon of warm resonance, seeming to dissolve the solidness of your physical body. The sound vibrations produced are rich in high frequency harmonics which are the healing component of music, triggering deep relaxation and stillness. In this deep theta brainwave state, you are shifting energy blockages, balancing chakras and realigning both your physical and energy bodies to the Universal Resonance.

The entire Universe is made up of the resonance of vibrating atoms, including every organ, bone and tissue of the human body.

Research has demonstrated that music is able to alter the rhythm of the brainwaves, as well as heartbeat and respiration. Because the ear is the organ of balance as well as hearing and is connected by nerve pathways to every part of the physical body, sound has a powerful balancing effect on both our nervous and immune systems.It has been found that water molecules are energized and respond positively in the presence of beautiful music and harmonic sounds, so too, the water that makes up between 70-80% of our body.

An externally created sound projected into a dis-eased part of the body may be able to reintroduce the correct harmonic frequency and return the body to its healthy, harmonious vibration. Based on these principles, sound massage has a positive physical, emotional and energetic impact on the listener and is a simple, gentle and yet very effective way to relax, balance and de-stress.

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This amazing transformative healing experience is now available at “Universal Cottage” in Mooloolah. You will experience 45 minutes of sound therapy with Chakra Chimes, Tibeten Clearing Bells & Tibetan Singing Bowls. Incorporated in this therapy will be Reiki Therapy & will end in a relaxing & grounding foot massage.