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Join Debbie’s Exclusive Membership Program and enjoy Great Benefits every month

Enjoy The Benefits of Debbie's Soul Group

As a member you will receive:

  • Direct access to a leading psychic/medium each month to ask questions for yourself.
  • Learn to access parts of your mind that others do not use
  • Develop a higher intuitive ability, and have access to better decision making information
  • Meet new people & connect with other creative and intuitive members via the chat space.
  • Fortnightly meditations sent to you on topics ranging from Developing Your Intuition to Creating Abundance.

 Create the life you want in 2011!!!!


As a result of becoming a Soul Group member you will experience a greater sense of peace in your life, improve your creative abilities, move through any blocks that my hold you back from your life’s purpose, and experience a greater connection with your own intuition.


All this and more for only $25 per month!


  • Exclusive members only chat space to connect with like minded souls and discuss your progress. To have access to the page click here.
  • Monthly ‘Developing Intuition’ e-course sent out to you, learn to develop your own psychic gifts and communicate with spirit.
  • Fortnightly email newsletter with mp3 downloadable meditations and instruction from Debbie.
  • Monthly members-only live tele-seminar or webinar with Debbie!!  Register and email a question to Debbie for her to address each month in the tele-seminar or webinar.  Debbie will spend an hour answering member’s questions on spirituality and life on the other side.  The second hour Debbie will connect to loved ones on the other side and bring through messages of love to the members on-line.
  • 10% Discount on all on-line courses, Weekend Retreats, Live Shows

Join our membership program on-line here, pay $100 for your first 4 months and then payments will be directly debited from your nominated credit card.

Only $25 per month with a minimum commitment of 12 months.

To email Debbie personally: debbie@giftoftheuniverse.com.au

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