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Author, International Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Aura Photographer, Healer, Retreat and workshop facilitator, Constant Creator, Lover of Life, Mum

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Debbie has worked professionally as a psychic and medium for over 15 years,

& her client base stretches across the globe.

Known for her amazing accuracy, & her ability to connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World. She has a gentle, warm, & funny delivery on stage that captiates her audience.

Debbie has a passion for teaching and watching the abilities in others unfold under her gentle guidance as she inspires and imparts her knowledge freely and regularly conducts various retreats, & workshops.

Debbies private one on one sessions leave her clients with a new paradigm and inspired confidence in their own direction, also the knowledge that their loved ones are still around them and still involved in their lives.

Debbie has spent years training and has had the privalige of training with some of the best around the world!

 Debbie’s up-coming shows will be:

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Here are some comments from clients:

Guest Testimonial from live mediumship demonstration

Hi Deb,

It is with so much love and gratitude that I want to thank you for your

demonstration a few weeks ago. Every day I have struggled since I lost my beautiful son, but on each occasion that I have heard him come through in a reading, it provides me with enough hope to keep going.  I have struggled to find reasons to live since losing my darling Josh, even though I have three children, losing Josh just crashed my world around me.

When you sat and waited for everyone to take the seats ansaid you would just see if there were any loved ones in Spirit waiting to see us and you said there was a boy with his shirt off, I knew it was JoshWheyou said he had a good build I had no doubt it was himHe loved getting around with his shirt off and had just taken his shirt off prior to that horrific fall.  And I knew he would come through first, as I just so needed him so muchI was losing hopefast!

You were so spot on with details of where Josh was working, at Disney in Orlando as a LifeGuard, about his dog, his siblings, his love of music and dancing and about my partner, how were you to know the man beside was my

partner and not my husbandWhen we were getting in the car to go to the evening demonstration,  I said to my partner that if Josh did come through tonight he would want to thank Stacey for standing by me and helping me through that past year, cause that’s the kind of boy Josh isStacey was amazed when you passed on Josh’s thanks for exactly thatYou were also able to tell us exactly what happened on the night that changed our worlds for ever when we woke to the screams and found that Josh had slipped and fallen.

I will never understand why this happened to Josh, but you have helped me so much Deb.  I just wish that all grieving mothers had the opportunity to see such gifted people like you and even morthat they believe their children still live on another plain.

As soon as I am back working again I will be a regular at your workshops and learning how to connect with my son in spiritI miss him so much, but in the meantime I will be there whenever I can supporting you and bringing along my friends who have seen me light up when I talk about my experienceAnd they know I haven’t gone crackers, as my partner is an Inspector in the police force and is very analytical.  He said he could find no doubt that night, that it was Josh and was amazed by the other readings.

You have such an amazing gift Deb, that will help the mothers like me who struggle to take each breath after losing a child.

Thank you againDeb, you are so very special and can’t begin to know how much you have helped me to keep breathing and keep going.  I am so grateful that you share your gift.

My sincerest thanks and hugs Jo Oliveri