June 15, 2011 Conduct Your Own Psychic Development Circle Courses & Workshops 0

Get A Group Of Friends Or Like-minded People Together & Conduct Your Own Psychic Development Circle.


Universal LifePsycle will provide you with the course structure

Develop Your Psychic Potential

foryour group, you will get weekly topics to study together & exercises to work towards your own psychic development. You will be provided with a set of 12 CD’s one each week or fortnight whatever you select. On these CD’s will be the whole psychic development class, techniques to use, meditations, tips & information on how to develop your gifts as a group. Be amazed at the progress you will gain in the development or your own Psychic Ability.


Topics covered include:

  • Chakras – what they are, how to balance them & how to check if someone else’s are balanced
  • Intention – how to set the forces of the Universe in motion.
  • Spiritual Laws – How to recognise what the universe presents to you & interpret the signs.
  • Healing – Learn how to use universal energy to heal yourself & others.
  • Auras – How to see & interpret them.
  • Angels – Connect with your own Guardian Angels.
  • Guides – Meet your own & learn to work with them.
  • Mediumship – Learn to communicate with those who have passed over & receive their messages.
  • Automatic Writing – Another form of Mediumship & an amazing experience.
  • Crystals – How to work with this amazing energy.
  • Pendulums – How to use this amazing Psychic Tool
  • Creating your sacred space.



You can purchase the entire package including CD’s mailed out to you & work through the material at your own pace for the cost of $20.00 per session –  $240.00 for the whole program. Divide the cost between the group & you will find it a very cost effective way to develop your psychic gifts.  Or Click Here to have each lesson emailed to you as a digital recording you can save to your computer for the low cost of $10.00 per lesson.


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