January 3, 2012 Clearing Your Blocks To Abundance Consultation Readings 0

Get ready to manifest your greatest year!!

Have your blocks to abundance cleared

 or an intuitive business consultation

with Debbie.


Clearing Your Blocks To Abundance


Clearing Your Blocks To Abundance


Debbie has developed the ability to look into your energy field and see the blockages to creating unlimited abundance you hold there.  With a unique process Debbie will scan and test for various blockages to abundance, find the core belief behind them and even the age you created this belief.  Via a full process of energy healing and clearing  she will then remove these blocks from your energy field.  This treatment will take place in the private and healing setting of Universal Cottage. Unlimited Abundance is your natural state of being only the blocks in your energy hold you back, and 2012 is the year to embrace your abundance!!


“Clearing your Blocks to Abundance'”  session – $230.00
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Cost: $230 (incl GST)

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