July 6, 2011 Aura Camera Aura Camera In Your Venue 0

Kirilan 600 Aura Camera

Universal LifePsycle now brings to Queensland the amazing Kirilan aura photography for use in Your Business or Venue!


You can book the Aura Camera & Universal LifePsycle’s professional operators for your Cafe, Retreat, New Age shop, Bookstore, Healing Centre, Festival, Fundraising Event or Private party!

Aura Photos Taken With The Kirilan 600 Camera


An added bonus of booking the Aura Camera with Universal LifePsycle, is that all interpretations/readings will be conducted by Psychic Medium Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes therefore ensuring your clients an insightful & accurate auric reading.


There is no cost to book the camera & you will receive a percentage per photo for your business.


Click Here To Book The Camera or find out more information on the ‘Kirilan 600’ and how it can be of use to you

or Call Toni 0421 351 406