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Debbie’s most sought after sessions are her Psychic & Mediumship Readings.  These comprehensive sessions will enable you to make clear sense of who you are, where your life is heading, and how you can make the best of your talents and abilities to live the life you were destined for.


During Psychic Reading, Debbie works with you to clarify the essence of who you are, why you are here, and what you can accomplish in this lifetime. She will also give information on those life issues that surround you at that moment & give you very specific tools and advice to enable you to make strong and sound decisions to move your life to a more positive and abundant place. 


Debbie will look at all aspects of your life, your home, your business,  your family and health.  Debbie also has the ability to see & hear those loved ones in spirit & gives specific details & information from them, leaving you with no doubt that she has connected with them. During these readings Debbie will become aware of your loved ones in spirit and will acknowledge them and pass on information but this will be limited due to the time available. 


If you your main wish is to connect with a loved one in spirit please book a Full Mediumship Reading.


Readings are recorded and you receive an email with a link to click on to listen to your reading. If you wish your Reading to be burnt to CD there will be an additional cost of $15 per Disc.


Debbie’s rate for a Psychic & Mediumship consultation is $160.00.


Debbie is available for readings in person on the Sunshine Coast Queensland and occasionally on the Gold Coast Queensland.
Book here on line or call Toni on 0421351406 or you can also email us by clicking here

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Cost: $160 (incl GST)

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