May 31, 2011 A Full Psychic/Medium & Energy Consultation In Person Healings Readings 0



This amazing session will take your breath away, leave you renewed, refreshed, empowered & amazed!!


Your full session will commence with your initial Aura Photo being taken & reviewed, this will point out any areas of health, emotion, or sprituality that need attention!


You will then have an Energy Healing session, have your chakras balanced, have any blockages in your energy body removed & become refreshed & renewed, this session will also make your psychic reading much more intense due to the fact that your energy will be clear & easily read.  This session will encompass Reiki healing techniques, Pellowah energy, Crystal Singing Bowls and chakra chimes, and will end with a crystal massage.


You will then experience a Full reading with Psychic Medium Debbie Bozicevic, having had your healing session & energy cleared prior to this session will enable you to experience an amazing session of Psychic information & Mediumship readings.


To follow up your FULL PSYCHIC & ENERGY SESSION you will then recieve your second Aura Photo showing the clarity & healing  that has taken place in your Aura, also any energy beings, guides, loved ones who communicated previously with Debbie during your reading will be identified by their energy in your Aura.


You will walk away from this amazing session with TWO Aura Photos, a CD recording of your reading, and a personally programmed crystal to assist you in specific areas of your life identified during your reading & healing session.


To experience the Full Psychic & Energy Healing package allow yourself 2 & 1/2 hours.


Book here on line or call Toni on 0421351406 or you can also email us by clicking here


Cost: $330 (incl GST)

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